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Royal Credit Services LLC
Full Scale Consumer Credit Counseling, Credit Repair & Tax Services.

Learn more below about how we can help you create a solid financial blueprint to help you get and stay on track with your finances & make the most of not just the credit that's been extended to you but your tax returns as well.


About Royal Credit Services LLC

Royal Credit Services LLC began with a vision to help consumers across South Carolina get the help that they need with consumer credit and credit repair solutions.  From there we found that many consumers further need and require assistance with their taxes, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and beyond.

With many years behind us in assisting clients with their finances, credit, and tax needs we've become a beacon of light in the midst of what can be over powering darkness and guarantee an honest and dependable environment where our clients are free to come to us with any and all questions they may have.

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Very easy to get in contact with, friendly affordable and walks you through the whole process.

Nakita H. (Previous Client)

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Tax Services

Let us help you prepare to file your 2023 taxes.  Learn more about how to get the most out of your tax returns, and let's determine how we can work with you to leverage that return wisely once your return has been filed and received.

We work with individuals, families, small business owners, and even freelancers to get them the highest returns possible.

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Credit Repair

Every credit file is different and while credit repair companies can not help you do anything that you can not do yourself, what credit specialists can do is work with you on a plan to take the complications and questions you have about your credit, budget, interest rates, and beyond out of the equasion.  Let's work together to come up with the right budget, paydown plan, and credit repair strategy that's fully customized to you.

Now Hiring For The 2023 Tax Season

Choose Your Path | Work On Your Schedule | Get The Tools & Training You Need.

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